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OC Contest Entry by ProjectSakuraMagic OC Contest Entry by ProjectSakuraMagic
I’m sorry if she seems a bit TOO friendly, but my general headcanon for Philippines is that she’s easy to get along with once you get to know her and since I limited her relationships to the two groups she’s in, she seems a lot more friendly.
I added the red leggings because I honestly can see her wearing that if she's active, her believing that if she just wore a skirt, it would limit her mobility, mainly because she just doesn't feel comfortable without shorts. I can edit it out in the near future if you don't like it that much ;;
Switched layers, now the red shows OTL ;; Oh and expanded Den's because I forgot to edit things when I submitted.

• Name: Amihan Bagaoisan
Nickname: Ami (Ah-me), Mihan
Country of Origin: Philippines
Age: 18

• Basic Personality: She’s a headstrong girl with a scowl and an aggressive way of helping people. She generally DOES mean well, but sometimes it’s … really hard to see it. She’s optimistic in her own right, even if she acts more like a sarcastic little crap half the time, but most people who bothered to get to know her (meaning the general Gym/Theatre Sect) know very well that she’s actually very friendly. Other times, first impressions usually leads to ‘I want to kill you, you annoying little bitch.’ She’s a hard-worker and spends a lot of time thinking on how to improve herself, even when she can be good at a subject. However … She’s really bad at just asking for help, thinking that if she can’t do it by herself, she needs to learn how to on her own.

o Strengths: She’s best at parkour, her speed, stamina and flexibility being her strong points. She also has enough strength to handle big deliveries, so sometimes she’s fine on her own. She tends to also think about the things she did and reflect on herself and what she can do to better herself, if she even can. She is highly independent and often goes off on her own, being a bit of a thrill-seeker, but isn’t the snooty type about it. She does enjoy the company of others and is very friendly and engaging towards them in her own way, but when the job starts, she often moves ahead rather than stay with a group. She does know when she’s in trouble and makes it a personal mission to make sure that she owns up to any of her mistakes.

o Weaknesses: She has a bad habit of rushing into things, sometimes forgetting to look both ways when handling a delivery job. She also overestimates her strength at times, not realizing she would need help on certain types of jobs. She’s also very insecure about herself too, often thinking that maybe it would be better to go into a different section since she causes chaos from time to time. She’s also bad at asking for help, which often gets her in trouble. It’s mainly because she wants to be strong and just asking is weak. Again, though she’s friendly off the job, she’s highly independent on it, often causing problems for other people.

o Likes: She loves helping people, giving them strength, lifting their spirits and being strong. She admires strong people, especially women, as her late mother was a very strong woman. She also enjoys music and singing, but refrains from doing so because according to someone, her voice didn’t match her personality (by the way, she’s very talented as a songstress). Instead, she helps set up stages for performances and sings in the background where no one sees. She absolutely loves to eat though, and sometimes you can bribe her with certain foods, (results may vary depending on activity).

o Dislikes: She dislikes people who don’t do their jobs properly, which is ironic because she IS generally a bit of a screw-up herself. But in her case, it’s just people who don’t care and think it’s easy and are completely laid back on the matter. She strongly dislikes flirtatious or spineless people, especially in the forms of men, though she will admit, the power of women can be frightening. She also hates wasting food, but will throw food at people she doesn’t like at any given moment (however, the food is normally WRAPPED). She also doesn’t really like how she does things at times, especially when it sometimes gets her in trouble and is constantly thinking about her screw-ups.

o Quirks: She’s very efficient in her job and knows a lot of pathways to get the job done. She’s good at judging what’s needed, aside from the list and can obtain anything most of the time without getting caught. She’s generally good at adapting to situations, so long as it’s not COMPLETELY out of her hands, meaning as long as the crowd of Giants are limited to two. She listens and understands situations faster than anyone else and is always ready to drop whatever she is doing in order to help someone else.

o Flaws: She tends to charge into things without a plan. Say it’s a collecting mission: If something happens, she tends to act first and think about things later, as I mentioned before, never looking around, only looking forward. Most of her actions that might’ve gotten her caught were more purely because she was looking out for someone else, making herself a distraction to allow others to get away. Most of the time. Other times, she’s just clumsy. Another thing is that she’s sometimes quick to judge the difficulty in any situation, and again, it gets her into trouble. Again, listening and understanding is one important concept, but actually helping someone get through it is an entirely different thing all together.
• The Subject: Gym
• Extra Subject: Theatre
• Relations:…
o Gym:
Valon (Albania OC) – She doesn’t know that person too well, but she gets along with him enough to get by each day.
Natalya (Belarus) – She’s kinda scared of her, but at the same time, she gets along with her decently. She’s a strong woman in her own right and isn’t afraid of declaring what she wants, so Amihan admires her in that sense.
Mathias (Denmark) – Amihan and Mathias get along pretty well, him introducing her to several of his woodshop buddies on the other side. Usually she tends to watch over him and make sure he doesn't party TOO hard at certain times, since the other ones can't. They are pretty close though on a friendship level at least. She tends to act a bit more mature than him, but sometimes they switch it up.
Gupta (Egypt) – She has a very strong and stable friendly relationship with him, able to see what he wants to say, despite having a neutral expression on his face half the time.
Ivan (Russia) – She gets along with the Russian male very well, oftentimes being bribed to clean his area once in a while. They retain a friendly relationship with each other and a sometimes funny looking caretaker/giver relationship.
Zoran (Serbia OC) – doesn’t know him superiorly well, but gets along with him enough to get by.
Vash (Switzerland) – She does tend to get in a lot of trouble with him, mainly because she is clumsy at the more crucial of times, especially during collection missions. However, she does look up to him and his neutral behavior. They do get along with each other, as she really does do her best while under his leadership and tries not to bring him a lot of grief.
Sadiq (Turkey) – She doesn’t know him too well yet, but she gets along with him enough to get by. They talk to each other once in a while and she sometimes tries to take off his mask, but other times, they get along okay.
Linh (Vietnam) – She views her as a big sister figure, wanting to be just as strong and amazing as her. They did run cold for a while, but after everything was resolved, they retain a very friendly relationship.
Alfred (America) – (I included him here because he was a former Gym). She has a bit of a love-hate thing with his personality. On the one hand, she finds his brashness and his ever so cheerful personality something to admire. However, she doesn’t like how he can just continually get into disputes while on the job, ultimately him leaving for the Reception area. She looks up to him as a ‘sempai’, picking a lot of his adventurous behavior and some of her skills from him, though other times she wants to smack him around and tell him to stop being an idiot.
o Theatre:
Roderich (Austria) – She doesn’t know him too well, but she gets along with him enough to get by.
Arthur (England) – She likes him, on a friendly platonic level. In her own way, she finds his invisible friends entertaining, but she also helps with being the neutral party during Francis’ and Arthur’s quarrels (unless she used Arthur as an escape route, then she just runs to the other side of the room).
Francis (France) – She honestly doesn’t see anything wrong with this guy half the time. True, he’s a bit of a drama king, but she gets along with the guy just fine, so long as he doesn’t go off too far into his own world. Once that happens, she’s looking for an escape route.
Joao (male Portugal) – She doesn’t know him too well, but she gets along with him enough to get by.
Maricela (Philippines OC) – Like all the other girls, she looks up to her, though also more to an idol level as well as a big sister figure. She hates to admit it at times, but she deems her as someone she wants to be: cheerful, helpful, and always giving help, not pain. I’d like to think usually Maricela’s her voice of reason in times that she CAN help Amihan before it’s too late.
Yong Soo (South Korea) – She has a bit of a love-hate thing going on, on a platonic level. On the one hand, she doesn’t like his hyperactive personality but on the other hand, she admires his energy and ability to be confident in any given situation.
Vasilica (Romania) – They have conversations from time to time, giving them a rather friendly air about them.

• OPTIONAL: This is just for curiousity’s sake, right? Well, in any case, If anyone knew me on my other account, my MAIN OTP was Romano x Philippines. I did a cute Russia x Philippines & DenPiri too that made me die a little inside too (of cuteness). Again, this was for your curiousity’s sake. I seriously don’t care though, so long as she’s fed. /shot
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either way, you got an entry in well before the deadline so kudos to you c: ))
ProjectSakuraMagic Featured By Owner Oct 23, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I might end up doing one, but who knows xD
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oops ... / realized i forgot to color the stars ) .... i'll fix that later OTL
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